How Can We Help You?

At IQTalent Partners you’re not a client. You’re a partner. No matter how big (or small) your company is, we’re here to solve talent challenges. Our augmented recruitment process outsourcing services range from research, sourcing, to full life-cycle recruiting that blends seamlessly into your processes.

The Best Practices in Research and Sourcing at Your Fingertips

IQTalent Partners uses expertise, cutting-edge tactics and technology to find, scout and source interested, qualified candidates. Some of our clients outsource all of their sourcing functions to us while some leverage our sourcing teams for high-growth periods or challenging positions or locations.

How You Can Use IQTalent Sourcing Services:

  • To supplement your in-house sourcing team
  • To outsource your sourcing function to a world-class sourcing team
  • To ramp up hiring efforts for a new location or business
  • To keep your talent pipeline full
  • To support your in-house Executive Recruiting function
Flexible and Adaptable Recruiters

Our recruiters are ready to work and produce right away. As an on-demand service, we are used to adapting to clients’ recruiting processes and being productive immediately. Our recruiters can leverage the collective knowledge base of IQTP and our world-class sourcing engine. IQTalent can help manage the ups and downs of your recruiting demand.

How You Can Use IQTalent Recruiting Services:

  • To extend the capacity of your recruiting team to meet increased demand
  • To use an in-house recruiting team until you are ready to build your own
  • To conduct executive searches using the in-house model
  • To fill-in while your recruiters are on leave
  • To fill-in while you are searching for a permanent recruiter hire
We can help with your entire recruitment process

While IQTalent Partners is focused on augmenting the capability and capacity of your in-house recruiting team, we can also help you build your recruiting processes. We have strong, vetted technology partners such as Comeet, Aptica and Eightfold. We also have access to partners who can provide consulting services in the areas of employment branding, recruiting process improvement, and other aspects of building a world-class recruiting organization.

How You Can Use IQTalent Process Services:

  • To help build your tech stack
  • To train your talent acquisition team
  • To handle change management and keep hiring up
  • To build an in-house recruiting function

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