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Candidate Research on Tablet

Complex Research On-Demand

Research is the linchpin of a successful recruiting and sourcing strategy, so why don’t more companies use it? Because until now, only the largest companies had access to world-class research capabilities. With IQTP’s on-demand model and instantly applicable expertise and recruiting research tools, customized research is now available to everyone with hiring needs.


Geographical and industrial breakdowns by salary, skills, competitors, cost of living, and more.


Instantly access world-class research using the latest technology.


Cut down on your firm’s time-to-hire with spot-on research.

Strategic Sourcing Research Projects

We act as an extension of your own team.

  • Strategic Recruitment Research: Successfully navigate high-growth areas, challenging requirements, and hiring spikes with fact-based advice, trend reports and decades of expertise.
  • On-Demand Pipeline Sourcing: Fill your talent pipeline with quality potential candidates when projections call for increased hiring. Know where the best new hires will come from when you need them. Do they work for you? Not yet.
  • Scale Up: When research provides more candidates than your team can handle, add on-demand sourcing to your IQTP services.

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