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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ IQTalent Partners

What services does IQTP offer?

IQTP offers augmented to full-scale recruiting, sourcing, and executive search that fits into your company’s processes. We perform extensive research projects across a broad spectrum of candidate related and hiring topics. Unlike a standard RPO or or traditional contingency search firm, we offer these services in the precise quantity you need, only billing for the quantity of services you use.

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How does IQTP’s billing structure work?

IQTP is a professional services firm, and we bill hourly for services rendered. Detailed rates will be explained in your client engagement letter. For certain research projects, we offer a flat fee for service system. Both billing structures allow you, our client, to completely control costs, knowing the exact dollar amount the service will cost and precisely when the invoice can be expected.

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What is the average cost per hire?

Because of our billable hours model, our cost per hire is typically less than traditional contingency search firms. The costs are dependent on the time spent in finding the right candidate. Hard to fill searches for roles with very specialized skill sets will take more time to fill than more general roles. Our services are not based on transactions; we build lasting relationships with our candidates and our clients, resulting in finding high quality talent at a significantly reduced cost-per-hire.

For our executive search clients, the cost-per-hire versus a traditional search firm is typically a reduction of 50% (or more) of the fee usually assessed by these firms.

In what industries does IQTP specialize?

To be honest, it would be easier to find one we DON’T specialize in. Our model has taken industries like AI, engineering, and financial services by storm. Because we take the time to learn our clients’ specializations and then apply our unique diamond recruiting methodology to their processes and people, we are a great fit for all industries and company sizes. Among our 150 U.S. based consultants, we have experts with experience and contacts across nearly every industry.

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I have hundreds of positions I need to fill all over the US and globally. Can IQTP help?

Yes, we can! In fact, this is why we created our unique recruiting services model, to help with BIG talent acquisition issues. We’ve placed candidates across the United States and in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America. We have sourcing, research, and recruiting experts all over the country, ready and waiting to tackle your workforce challenges.

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What do you mean when you say you can scale?

The ability for IQTalent Partners to scale with your needs means you can increase or decrease the number of hours spent on your searches each week. If your company goes through a large growth and needs to fill dozens or hundreds of roles immediately, we can instantly increase the hours on the engagement. Conversely, once roles are filled and the hiring process slows, you may choose to reduce the number of hours based on your needs and budget requirements. With 150 full-time experienced talent acquisition consultants, we have the bandwidth to increase or decrease resources on-demand. Having the opportunity to scale up or scale down puts you, our partner, in control of your costs and your search efficiency.

Is there a guarantee period on placements / hires?

No, because of the vast differences in time to fill based on the role requirements and the geography of the opportunity, it is impossible to guarantee a placement period. However, our team fills most positions within 60 days.

What is the average # of positions / requisitions that can be covered by 40 hours / week and expected time to fill / develop pipeline?

The average number of positons we can cover with 40 dedicated hours per week is dependent upon industry, region, and type of job. For example, a pipeline of petroleum engineers will be much harder to fill than a pipeline for client success call center positions. However, we always offer a discovery call as part of our process to help determine need before diving into a new client partnership. When we plan your engagement, we will tell you what you can expect for your specific role(s) and region.

Will you use an email address on our server when recruiting for us?

Our goal is always to augment your team and promote it. To that end, we use your technology, your processes, and yes, if it is your preference, we’ll use an email address on your server.

Can you work within our ATS as a Recruiter?

See above. We’re all about making your job easier and adapting our process to your team’s internal processes. If you have an applicant tracking system in-house, our team will work within that platform as if they were your own employees.

What kind of turnover do you have? Can I expect to work with the same team each time I use your services?

At IQTalent Partners, we have an extremely low attrition rate. Very few of our employees turn over, and many of those who do move on often will “boomerang.” That is, we have a history of employees who have left for other opportunities, but chose to return to IQTalent Partners due to our culture and employee engagement. We are not an RPO, and we are not contract recruiters who change from job to job, week to week. We do move our consultants around from time to time, changing clients and altering teams if necessary. Our goal is to find the best fit for each engagement and place the recruiter or sourcer with the most relevant experience on each search. However, if you have a team or team member with whom you work exceptionally well, we will strive to keep these same consultants on your engagement.

Have you worked in positions within a specific functional area (i.e., Engineering, Sales)?

We fill positions from CEO to General Counsel to Sales Director to Front End Engineer and more. We focus on management positions from the director level and above. Our team has filled roles in nearly every function imaginable.

How do we keep our in-house Recruiters from pinging the same people as IQTP Sourcers / Recruiters?

Transparency. We offer total transparency between our team and yours and our data is your data. You can even keep all the candidate data from the search if you choose. Since we are not a commission-based firm, we are not in competition with your in-house team; we are in collaboration with them. We will arrange a weekly phone call in conjunction with a weekly email that outlines the progression of the search and the candidates sourced.

What resources / tools / technology do you have at your disposal?

We have invested in the most up-to-date recruiting and search technology. From LinkedIn Recruiter and Eightfold AI to Indeed and more, we use every available resource to comb the globe to find the most qualified candidates for every position.

Do you have your own database of candidates?

We maintain our own database of candidates across multiple industries and functions.
Incorporating our innovative proprietary platform and database, IQTalentX, into our searches allows us to be effective and efficient in sourcing the best talent for every role.

Can we establish KPIs to which we can hold your team accountable?

Yes. We adapt to your processes and expectations. We will work together to set goals for performance and ways to measure achievement of these goals during our initial kickoff call and during each subsequent weekly update call.

How does your model work with executive search?

The on-demand executive search model is extremely efficient for executive search. We utilize our experienced executive recruiters in conjunction with our deep network of c-suite candidates to find the top talent for executive roles. The billable hours fee structure means you will only pay for the time it takes to find the right candidate, often saving our clients more than 50% of the fee typically charged by a traditional commission-based firm. When the pipeline is full or when you think you’ve found your next leader, simply turn the service off and cease paying search fees immediately. The cost is not dependent on the salary of the executive role; it is a standard hourly service fee.

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