Executive Search: The IQTalent Partners Difference

Executive Search

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The Importance of Executive Search Programs

Executive Search firms operate in a specialized field because they locate talent best suited for the most important leadership roles in companies. New leaders play a major role in the growth and development of the company. Effective Executive Headhunters can locate leaders that can propel the company forward, motivate their employees and create opportunities for growth. Here are some of the benefits that come from the IQTalent Partners difference as your executive search extension:

  • Customizable search
  • Access to a larger talent pool
  • Transparent search process
  • Dedicated all-out search for what your firm needs

How IQTalent Partners Adds Value to Executive Search

Finding executive-level talent is challenging, especially in a candidate-driven market, but that’s where IQTalent Partners excels. Our expertise and industry-leading knowledge will help you prepare for the future and set your recruiting efforts ahead of your competition. How? Because we’re not like any recruiting or sourcing team you’ve encountered before.

  • We build better candidate relationships – If you are lacking an executive search program from the start, IQTalent Partners works to nurture candidate relationships that guide executive talent through your recruiting and sourcing process beyond a “start to finish” model. Managing candidate relationships is a continuous need and we’ve got the green thumb to help them grow.
  • We build larger talent pipelines – While IQTalent Partners is an on-demand firm, we go above and beyond to help you prepare for future hiring needs. We work to build a deep pipeline of talent to keep your candidate pools full and your recruiting team stacked!
  • We build stronger dynamic teams – IQTalent Partners can help train your team so they are ready to attract top talent. Leverage our knowledge to increase your team’s existing capabilities!

Bolster Your Recruiting with IQTP [Infographic]

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How IQTalent Partners Leads the Executive Search Industry

Executive search is a crucial, specific search that looks for the next leaders of a company. Locating the quality talent necessary to guide a company down the right path requires precision. Here’s how IQTalent Partners steps up to the challenge to make sure you get the right talent faster:

Expertise at Your Disposal: IQTalent Partners works as an extension of your existing capabilities. We’re a part of your team, so leverage our knowledge! If your Executive Recruiter is strapped for time, she can lean on our research team for world-class Executive Search research. Leveraging our industry-leading knowledge will help you hire more effectively!

Cost-Efficient Solutions: Since all of these services are done at a fair hourly rate, the costs of our executive search efforts usually yield a cost per hire one third the amount of traditional executive search. For example, hiring an executive with first-year target cash compensation of $450,000 would cost you search fees of $150,000 with the traditional executive search firms. We typically would complete that search with a cost of $40,000 – $60,000.

Provide Guidance from Within Your Team: We work as an extension of your team…so all the intelligence and data we gain conducting a search on our behalf is your data and intelligence. As we’ve discussed above, our team is here for you. You can ramp us up or down as much as possible to ensure that your company gets the highest quality talent possible.


The Benefits of Executive Search

Executive Search provides many benefits, but the most important benefit is that it helps identify quality talent with a sharp eye. That’s how IQTalent Partners executes your strategy. We expand your talent pool through our vast, intertwined networks. We simplify the talent acquisition process so you can save more money and time!

So what do you think? Next time you have an executive search, please consider a new and refreshing approach. Consider IQTalent Partners.

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