Executive Search

An efficient and cost-effective solution to finding the best leaders to execute your corporate vision.

Find Leaders, Create Value

Finding the right leaders is crucial to the success of your company. IQTalent Partners supports the in-house recruiting model by providing on-demand executive recruiting and sourcing to maximize your internal team’s talent acquisition capabilities. From CTOs to CEOs, our systems will optimize your search and create lasting value.

 The best part?

Control costs, add value, and pay no commissions when you augment your team with ours.

Customize your search using our experienced executive recruiters

Access a larger leadership talent pool across all industries

View the entire transparent search process

Research to recruiting, on-demand

Extend the bandwidth of your in-house recruiting team

Reduce costs by removing traditional commissions

Instant Expertise, Support, and Research

IQTalent Partners works as an extension of your existing capabilities.

We’re a part of your team, so leverage our knowledge! Your in-house executive recruiters can lean on our researchers for world-class Executive Search results without the typical excessive fees.

Executive Search Success Story

See how our executive search model worked with one of the nation’s leading fintech companies.