Meet Our Partners

We have worked with companies from startup to Fortune 500, and that span multiple industries. Regardless of size or market, our partners know that the key to success lies in their ability to find and hire the right talent. IQTalent provides the tools, tactics and services that help them along the way. Check out some of the industries and companies we help everyday:

Technology Companies
Data Infrastructure Companies
Enterprise SaaS Companies
Security Companies
Automotive and Industrial Companies
Life Sciences and Healthcare Companies
Entertainment and Digital Media Companies
Retail Companies

We Find Talent for Technology Companies

Our partners are some of the hottest startups, growth companies and multi-billion dollar tech corporations. We have honed our skills recruiting interested and qualified candidates in the tough “talent wars” of the technology industry. We can help find anyone from the software architect, SaaS sales rep or all roles in between.

Data Infrastructure and Analytics
Enterprise SaaS

We Find Talent for Automotive & Industrial Companies

IQTalent knows how to meet the needs of this unique market. We’ve built an entire leadership team for one startup, developed the corporate sourcing fucntion for a larger partner and helped hire key leadership positions for countless companies in the automotive and industrial industry. Great talent is the key to competing in a diverse space like this, and we know how to find it.

We Find Talent for Life Sciences & Healthcare Companies

We lead clients to better and brighter innovations by sourcing and hiring interested and qualified talent. Whether it is creating new diagnostics to detect cancer, building a platform to house human genome data or helping companies get the most out of their health insurance, IQTalent has the resources and tools to help companies in the life sciences and healthcare sectors.

We Find Talent for Entertainment & Digital Media Companies

Where entertainment and technology meet, we are there. We understand the special nature of the social media, digital media and gaming markets. Finding the right talent for companies in this sector requires a talent acquisition team who not only understand their needs and goals, but can relate that to the experience and interests of talent. IQTalent has done just that.

We Find Talent for Retail Companies

We work with retail innovators. Our partners are changing the way you do everything from buying cars to finding shoes. We’ve worked with many leaders and well-known brands in the space, and there’s one thing every successful company needs and that’s great talent. We may not know how to change the retaiid=l landscape, but we do know how to source and hire interested and qualified candidates who can.

Interested in Working With One of Our Partners?

We’re always excited to hear from experienced professionals ready to explore new opportunities. And our partners are some of the best employers in their fields. Email your resume to If your skills and experience match the needs and culture of one of our partners, we will contact you. In the meantime, we’ll keep your information ready for future opportunities.