How a small startup scaled from 3 employees to 18 team members with a limited budget and without a internal recruiting team.

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Seattle, WA


Environmental Technology


Startup: 20 employees

IQTP Hires


Length of Engagement

18 Months


Consulting, Employment Branding, Research, Sourcing


Hardware Engineers, Software Engineers, UAS Operators

The Company

DroneSeed works in post-fire environments to plant native trees and vegetation using drone swarms and spray to protect them. DroneSeed is FAA approved and serves all 50 states. The company is approved to use drone swarms to deliver agricultural payloads such as herbicides, fertilizer and water. DroneSeed is the only company in the US approved to fly unmanned aircraft over 55 pounds. Clients include governments, nonprofits, and private landowners.

The Challenge

Time management and budget: The founders of DroneSeed needed to scale the business to keep up with growing demand but did not have the time to search for new employees, review resumes, or conduct interviews. Further, as a startup, the budget was limited. Without more staff, their growth would become stagnant. The founders had no experience in hiring, matching salary expectations with candidate experience or in creating a candidate profile that matched their most important qualifications.

The IQTP Solution

The IQTP on-demand model matched the budget and hiring needs of DroneSeed exactly. We immediately assembled a team of consultants to bridge the gap between DroneSeed management and job candidates. Our experienced consultants became the virtual DroneSeed talent acquisition department and quickly created candidate profiles and refined the job descriptions. By leveraging our research technology and candidate database, we rapidly mapped salary expectations and began filling the candidate funnel.

IQTP was a phenomenal choice for us as a startup.

IQTalent Partners was a phenomenal choice for us as a startup. IQTP was able to scale up when we needed it and scale down when we didn't, maximizing our capital versus having a full-time in-house HR person.

Grant Canary


DroneSeed took full advantage of the innovative IQTP on-demand model

They increased their consulting hours when they needed an important role filled immediately and decreased the hours, or turned off the service entirely, when hiring needs slowed. They controlled their costs by managing the search hours on a weekly basis.

The IQTP consultants quickly found experienced, high-quality candidates who matched DroneSeed’s culture and mission, creating an effective cost per hire and an average time-to-hire of under 45 days per role.

Grant Canary, CEO of DroneSeed, said, “Our relationship with our engagement leader was great. We have a very specific hiring process, and the IQTP team was able to become a part of it rapidly and scale the process with us. The team was excellent at understanding what is important to us in candidates and experienced at reading people effectively, so our candidate funnel was of much higher quality than what we could have created on our own. I trust the team completely, knowing the candidates they send would not only be qualified but also fit our mission.”