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Ready to kick start your career in the recruiting industry? Maybe you’ve been working as a talent acquisition professional but need a new challenge. Whatever your career goals are, IQTalent Partners could be the right place for you. We’re intelligent, innovative and always open to exploring opportunities with ambitious people of all experience levels.

Open Positions


If you’re a recent graduate in the Nashville area looking to jumpstart your career with a role that is both analytical and creative, you might be an ideal addition to the Nashville Executive Research Division (NERD). You’ll be trained to identify and engage the best talent for our clients across a variety of fields.

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If you’re an experienced recruiter who wants to focus on recruiting rather than business development, IQTalent Partners may be right for you. At IQTalent you get to focus on what you love to do…recruit great talent. You also get an opportunity to work with a diverse set of exciting and interesting clients. Most of our recruiters work from their home office or local coffee shop. If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch.

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Still in college and looking for an opportunity to learn more about the work world that you will soon enter? IQTalent could be a great place. You will learn about the various corporate cultures and types of jobs that are waiting for you. In the Nashville area? Please apply.

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Our Work Environment


We’re serious about our work, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We know just how far relaxation and a little team bonding can take productivity. We encourage our teams to work and play together, whether that means hanging out after work at happy hours, facing off in a ping pong match or playing a quick game of kickball or dodgeball.


To do their best work, employees need a comfortable office environment that meets multiple work styles. We know innovation takes diversity, so we offer our team flexible work options, even if that means working from home or remotely when necessary. There are more than a few benefits to gain from short breaks, changes in scenery or working unconventional hours. We use the same technology that helps us align to the needs of our partners to foster work life integration for our employees.


We strive to create an engaging work environment. The NERD office is an open work environment with ample social seating areas. When it‘s time to take a break and blow off some steam, you can engage in a friendly game of corn hole or ping pong. The NERD also strives to engage and serve locally by planning volunteer events that take our team out of the office and into the community. The NERDs have weeded community gardens, cooked for a local nonprofit that provides meals, and hosted career service workshops for refugees.