Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing

The Importance of Sourcing the Right Candidates

Now that we know what sourcing candidates are, we will dive deeper into why your sourcing efforts cannot be wasted by contacting candidates who are not right for the job. Sourcing is the jumping block for many hiring managers, so you need a strong talent pool, to begin with. Apart from providing quality candidates for you to recruit, effectively sourcing candidates can provide other benefits for your team and company.

How IQTalent Partners Adds Value to Sourcing Candidates

By working with IQTalent Partners, you will get a personal approach to fit your company’s specific hiring needs. We use industry-leading tactics and tech to help you supply your recruiters with the best potential candidates. Here is how you can leverage our sourcing services:

  • Strengthen your in-house sourcing team
  • Outsource  all of your sourcing tasks to our world-class sourcing team
  • Elevate your hiring efforts if you have a new location or business
  • Supply a healthy and full talent pipeline
  • Provide your in-house Executive Recruiting team the support they need

Bolster Your Recruiting with IQTP [Infographic]

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How IQTalent Partners Leads the Candidate Sourcing Industry

Our sourcing experts work tirelessly to ensure our clients’ have the best candidates to source from when they need to fill a vacancy. Through cutting-edge technology, tactics and best practices, IQTalent Partners leads the way to the perfect hire every time.

Whether you need help with finding candidates or you are in a pinch to fill your staff quickly, we can support your hiring needs. You can even send all of your sourcing needs our way and we will take care of it.

A model IQTalent Partners uses when sourcing is called Diamond Recruiting. We realize that finding the right candidate is like looking for a diamond in the rough. By following the Diamond Recruiting Process, you will be leveraging the 4 C’s. However, instead of carat, cut, clarity and color, we are going to be looking at Collaboration, Calibration, Candidates and Culture. Below, you will briefly learn what each C of the Diamond Recruiting Process represents.

  1. Collaboration – We work closely with our clients to ensure we are all on the same page. Through close collaboration, they get a peek into how we go about sourcing candidates along with adding any additional information for our team.
  2. Calibration – Once you have all the information you need, you can begin compiling shortlists of what your ideal candidate looks like. This is an ongoing process and should continue as you send candidate information back to your client. Then you begin mining!
  3. Candidates – Here is where the real work pays off. Now we can apply what we’ve learned to our actual pool of candidates.
  4. Culture – Sourcing is more than a match on paper. You have to look at personalities and work ethic to ensure they can elevate your client. In order to do so, we have a conversation with our client on the cultural climate of their company and identify the right candidates from there.

The Benefits of Sourcing the Right Candidates

Sourcing and locating the best candidates can lead to tremendous rewards down the road. There are a few major benefits to effectively sourcing your candidates. They are enhanced hiring metrics, reduced stress on your recruiting team and increased productivity and revenue.

As you begin sourcing candidates, you will notice an improvement in your key hiring metrics. One key metric that will change is your time to fill. Hiring ahead of your demand can help you immensely because you will already have candidates to select from once the job post goes live, which will reduce the amount of time you need to find candidates. Another metric that will improve is your retention rate. More times than not, the hiring process is rushed. If you have a talent pipeline that is filled to the brim, it will give you time to evaluate your prospects thoroughly so you make the right decision.

Another key benefit is reduced stress on your hiring team. By sourcing quality candidates, your team will not have to worry about locating the right talent. Instead, they can focus their efforts on recruiting and engaging potential candidates. Alleviating the pressure placed on your recruiting team will ensure they are motivated and chomping at the bit to hire your next great employee.

Finally, sourcing candidates can lead to heftier bank accounts and better results. Much like mining for diamonds, quality candidates can add tremendous revenues and improved productivity to your company.

Leveraging IQTalent Partners’ sourcing team can help you vault over your competition. Providing your recruiters with a talent pipeline is the best way to set them up for success. We can help.

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