Candidate Research: The IQTalent Partners Difference

Candidate Research

The “Why?” Behind Candidate Research

IQTalent Partners prides itself on providing in-depth candidate research for its partners. With years of expertise, cutting-edge technology and innovative tactics, IQTalent Partners brings the best insight on the most qualified and interested candidates for your hiring needs.

By partnering with IQTalent Partners, you will get a more focused research effort to locate the best candidates faster. Whether you are in need to research local employees or you want to expand your business into new regions or hotbeds of talent, IQTalent can help. Our candidate research capabilities will vault you past the competition and leave your company with a brighter future.

The Importance of Candidate Research Programs

Candidate research and sourcing programs provide important insight into your talent pool. By examining your target segment with candidate personas and qualifications expressed on your applications and job boards, candidate research can get you a thorough breakdown of your candidate pools. Our custom breakdown can provide where the richest talent pool is geographically for you to explore and so much more.

In addition to providing data, candidate research programs can provide advice and guidance on your recruiting strategies. What should your “selling point” be? How should your job posts and interview questions be worded? How can you grab top talent’s attention? Our in-depth analysis of our candidate research can provide direction for your company to grow.

Conducting research on your own can be tedious and time-consuming if you don’t already have the expert sourcing and analysis skills to optimize the research findings. Save yourself time and energy by leveraging IQTalent Partners to conduct your candidate research so your talent acquisition team can focus on more strategic tasks. Our firm can provide a focused research effort that follows any candidate sourcing guidelines you give us. Providing candidate insight can also cut down on your firm’s time-to-hire when the time comes to make a decision about a future employee.

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How IQTalent Partners Adds Value to Candidate Research

IQTalent Partners provides instant value to your candidate research efforts. Our sourcing expertise and industry-leading recruiting insight will help you make quality decisions in your hiring efforts. At the end of the day, your hiring success is our top priority. Whether it be strategic geographical recruitment research or general sourcing insights, we provide your company with the results you need today and the results that matter for years to come.

  • Strategic Recruitment Research – If you are looking to expand aggressively or determine why your hiring numbers are low, IQTalent Partners can provide research and goals tailored to the strategy you provide us. Our clients turn to us for guidance during high-growth or challenging hiring periods because of our hard work fulfilling their strategic needs.
  • General Sourcing Research – If you are searching for general candidate insight, IQTalent Partners can handle that as well! Our research capabilities are sure to keep your talent pipeline full of quality candidates. From candidate trends to industry insights, IQTalent Partners has the team you need!

Bolster Your Recruiting with IQTP [Infographic]

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Leverage the IQTalent Partners Team

Size doesn’t matter. Whether you’re a new business or startup looking to fill a need or an established company looking for a high volume hiring effort, IQTalent Partners can help you satisfy those needs. Are you in a sudden shortage of talent due to people leaving unexpectedly? We’re here to help. If you need help conducting the right research, IQTalent Partners is there to augment your candidate research and sourcing efforts. We act as an extension of your own team.

Depending on your needs, the typical research project cost $1,500 – $2,500. Within that cost, you will receive the research project deliverables that meet your specifications. IQTalent Partners identifies your ideal candidates without fail. You give us the specs and the direction you want, then we handle the rest so your talent pool will be swimming with quality candidates.

The Benefits of Candidate Research

Candidate research provides insight into hiring patterns and candidate behaviors. Why not leverage IQTalent Partners? We view you as a partner, meaning we work with you to get the job done.

So what is your next step? Keep IQTalent Partners in mind for your next candidate research query for an expert outlook on your talent pipeline.

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What to Consider when Augmenting Your Recruitment Team

Download this recruitment process checklist for an easy-to-follow guide to augment your recruitment team and strategy.